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APSA/ISTA Seed Health Training Course

18 Jul 2006

Held at Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand and with 19 participants from seven Asian-Pacific countries, the course aimed to improve standardisation and reliability of seed health testing in the region. Dr Steve Roberts gave lectures on statistics and method validation and led the practical training on bacterial pathogens. Valerie Cockerell (SASA) covered the fungal pathogens and local organiser, Dr Somsiri Sangchote, covered viruses.

HDC Onion downy mildew and leaf wax project continuation

01 Apr 2006

HDC has agreed to fund a further one-year project to continue work begun in 2005 looking at the interactions of leaf wax levels and downy mildew (Peronospora destructor) infection. Onion leaves are covered with a layer of wax and this represents the first line of defence against attack by pathogens such as downy mildew. A test kit developed as part of the earlier project will be used to compare varieties and monitor wax levels in field trials. Project no. FV 277a. Link to HDC website...

New pathology/microbiology laboratory established at HDRA

30 Jul 2004

Refurbishment of laboratory facilities at HDRA has now been completed. Two of the rooms have been equiped for and dedicated to plant pathology and microbiology, with a preparation room and a secure 'clean room'.

HDRA welcomes EC organic vegetable seed treatment project

01 Jul 2004

HDRA joins EC project on Seed Treatments for Organic Vegetable Production (STOVE) taking over the responsiblities, and safeguarding the work, previously assigned to HRI, prior to its take-over by the University of Warwick. With the current changes to the organic farming regulations with respect to the use of organic and non-organic seeds, the issue of seed health has become critical for some organic vegetable producers. The development of new techniques for seed sanitation and the control of seed-borne diseases is now more urgent than ever and is of interest to both producers and users of organic vegetable seeds. Read more STOVE project